Snow Day In Charlottesville – Kath Eats Real Food

Snow Day In Charlottesville – Kath Eats Real Food

We finally got a snow day in Charlottesville! Here are the highlights <3 

Snow Day In Charlottesville

After weeks of gloomy weather, finally getting a good snow day was quite the lovely release of winter energy! I don’t know how many inches we actually got, but it snowed fat flakes most of the day. The kids had a blast! 

We got this bunting for Birch on sale last year in 12-18 month size and it still fits him very well. I loved that the sleeves folded over for built-in gloves since toddlers can’t keep gloves from falling off. He was warm all morning!

Fuel-up Breakfast

Bodos cinnamon raisin bagel + pears.


Replenishing Lunch

Leftover homemade mashed potatoes, steamed spinach with maple mustard dressing, 2 hard-boiled eggs.


Warming Dinner

When we got word snow was coming, we stocked up on the ingredients for this cozy seafood chowder. We actually made it on Saturday night so on Sunday we had dinner ready to roll. It was a delicious recipe!!

Hope you either live somewhere where it never snows or you got some this weekend too!

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